Audio Assignment Bank

My assignment in Week 2 was to pick an audio assignment from the DS106 Assignment Bank Audio Assignment.The assignment was, if I choose to accept….

Lots of people have a particular song that reminds them of certain situations, I know I do! Embed the video of your particular song and a short recording of why you really like the song, or what makes it important to you (I would recommend Soundcloud for this assignment! Have fun!!

I choose to accept this assignment because it made me stop and think. There are many songs that reminds me of certain situations. The only hesitation I had for this assignment was that I have no technology knowledge and using new technology frustrates me. There was no way to escape this assignment so I had to choose one of these assignments. This one assignment seemed the most relevant to me.

I chose Tim McGraw, Don’t Take the Girl song. This was personal to me when I was pregnant with my oldest son. I had early complications and we were hoping that I would make it to term. I didn’t make it term so at 32 weeks I was in the hospital. They were hoping that could stop me since I was so early but his heartbeat stopped and so it turned into an emergency delivery. This song reminds me of this time where me, him or both could have not made it. My husband at the time – wouldn’t leave the room because he wanted to be there – no matter what happened. I woke up two hours later not knowing what happen and if my baby was alive or dead.


I used SoundCloud to record my reason why I picked this song. I tried to put my recording on top of the YouTube video but I couldn’t figure it out. So sorry for you having to click on two videos. If anyone knows how to do it please let me know and I will update my blog. It was easy to record my message but not so easy to include it with the original video of the song.

I hope you enjoy the song.





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