Chicken in the Wagon – Daily Create

Hello everyone

This is week 2 in my social media leanings – so new to all this and still trying to figure it all out:)

So my second daily create for week 2 – it was to create a message for this chicken in a cart. This was a little difficult for me because I have to remember to save it as a picture so it will load on Twitter.

Some photos just seem to cry out for a wad of giant capitalized text messages. Make a meme image out of this chicken in a cart that expresses a deep philosophical message.

It was fun to try to come up with a message for this chicken in a wagon. Unfortunately other people had taken some of my first thoughts so it took me a little longer to come up with something new.

Since I don’t have Photoshop I had to save the picture in Word and then insert a text box with my message. Edited the text box so there was no border and find a color that would stand out. I then saved it as a picture.

I hope you enjoy the result –

chicken (2)


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