Protect Your Domain – Daily Create

Happy First Day of Summer –

This is week 3 in my social media leanings – I  am starting to think you can teach an old dog new tricks.:)

So my daily create for week 3 – it was to create a message to keep one’s digital self intact. So the assignment is as follows:

Domains are valuable to you, and apparently others.

Sadly, we see domains from many past DS106 Students that have been let go, lapsed, all their work, vanished like being flushed down a Blackboard hole in the ground. Okay, that us your choice. But… these domains do have value; I have tracked many that were bought by spurious outfits that turn them into soft porn or scam sites.

Don’t let it happen! This is part of one such site (we removed the over sexualized photo with a more… cheerful photo) that was hijacked. Remix it or make a new message as a Keep Your DS106 Domains #4Life.

Okay this was making my creative brain have some exercise tonight. I used one of my son’s favorite movies to help me with my creative juices. I couldn’t think of a better way to help remember to keep your digital self intact than good vs. bad story line. I am not sure why when I posted the image on Twitter that the text doesn’t show up, but if you click on the picture then you can read it. Guess I still have some practicing to do.

Since I don’t have Photoshop I had to save the picture and insert it into Paint. Then I inserted a text box with my message. Once I formatted the font and size, presto my picture with a message was created.

I hope you enjoy the result –

Star War domain


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