Roller Coaster – Week 3 Digital Story Critique

For my new digital story critique I watched many videos and tried to find one that spoke to me. I choose a video story told by Denise Ward entitled “Roller Coaster” where she talks about her commitment to her “family.”

This video was very touching to me and helped me obtain a new perspective on life. The story is about her life as a flight for life transport nurse. I loved her quote at the end of the story, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.”

It reminded me of my storytelling theme of work-life balance. The story reinforced for me that it’s not all about the long hours or the highly-recognized accomplishments but it is about enjoying life. Of course, you may not get the same feeling from this video as I did but I hope it makes you stop and think. Life is short and no one knows when their card will be drawn. Another video I watched the speaker made a comment and it is really true, “We work at a job we hate, to buy things we don’t need, to keep up with people we don’t like.”

I found the video story at – – but here is the link to the video:  Roller Coaster

The assignment was to critique a digital story by selecting three traits from Jason Ohler’s assessment traits:Digital Critique. The three traits that I selected were: 1) Story, 2)Originality, voice, creativity, and 3)media application. I decided to select these traits because I felt these were traits that invoked feelings for me.

Story: This story is about Denise Ward’s journey as an air transport personnel. The company had been in business for almost 25 years when their first crashed occurred. Two people were killed and one survived. As they worked through that crash, six months later another crash. This time it involved Denise Ward. Her timeline of the incident and the closeness of the organization she called a “unique community” was remarkable. I felt that she did an impressive job at telling her story.

Originality, voice, creativity: I thought this production was creative and inspiring. Denise’s voice throughout the story was sincere, clear and had a tone that was inviting. She mentions that after her crash she wanted her “family” to know that she still had faith in the organization. The story was genuine and had conviction. Denise expresses her thoughts and fondness of her colleagues.Even after being involved in a crash, she continued with her career and the organization’s efforts to save lives.

Presentation and performance: I thought Denise had a good sense of the audience. She kept the story engaging and emotional. As she told the story there was a great slide show that was helpful to see images of details and of what she was describing. I felt that each slide helped make the story real and a sense of pride of what she did for a living. The story is only 3:26 minutes but yet you get a lot out of the story. You understand how she feels about her job, colleagues and her dedicate for the job.

I felt that each of the traits I selected was successfully present and utilized adequately in the story. This story was compelling for me and made an impression on me. The presentation was well done and she had the right tone for the story. I thought it was outstanding that she could talk about a tragic time in her life with conviction and strength.

I am not sure what I would improve. Perhaps seeing an image of her after the crash or the other person involved in the crash. The story was under the title of “work” so I believe the story was to talk about one’s job or about their dream job. I think it would have been nice to have some context about what the theme of the story.

I hope you enjoyed reading my latest blog…


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