What I do Everyday – Video Assignment Bank

Hello Fellow Bloggers –

This is week 3 of my digital storytelling adventure.

So my video Assignment Bank this week was to create a video about something I do everyday. I want you to know this was a hard assignment because I hate being on video. It reminders me how old I look and then there is that double chin – when did that happen???  I hate seeing myself on videos because I think I look awful but oh well what can a person do – I am not having plastic surgery so you will have to just look at my natural self.

What was the assignment – keep reading….

For this video assignment you are asked to record a short 8 second minimum of a specific thing you do on an everyday basis. For example, brushing your teeth, walking to class, playing a sport, etc. We want to see one of your daily routines! After the assignment is complete you will need to upload your video footage to either YouTube or Vimeo to create your blog post.

So part of the assignment was to try to explore an assignment that was around my storytelling theme. SO I picked me walking from my car to the door of my employer. I do this specific thing everyday, will at least Monday – Friday.  Since my theme was about work-life balance I thought this would be a good choice. I recently switched departments so I am really working on my work-life balance. As seen on my video, I am setting boundaries and trying to stick to them.

The assignment stated the video should be at least a short 8 second minimum but it goes a little longer (1:43) so that I could explain my specific thing adequately. I hope you don’t mind. I used my video app on my cellphone to video my “walk” to where I spend most of my days.Then I sent the video to my email and then saved it on Vimeo. I used the link  from the application you see below. The other thing that bothers me is it is public and I don’t like that feeling but what can you do…

I hope you enjoy the result –

Walking to work



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