A Gorgeous Sunset in Grand Cayman – Daily Create #2

Hello –

My second daily create for week 3 was to find a dramatic sunset or sunrise.  So the assignment directions are as follows:

Make a dramatic photo at sunrise or sunset.

This was a great assignment. I enjoyed looking at the beautiful images people have downloaded.

This picture was taken this past winter when my boyfriend and I went to the Grand Cayman for a long weekend. It was our first time there and it was a blast. The beaches were so nice and the resort was great. It was our second night there and after dinner we decided to walk on the beach. When we got back to the resort we decided to sit at the one of the decks to watch the water. We observed this dramatic sunset and the best part was a sailboat was coming by as the sun starting to set. It made for such a picturesque night.

We enjoyed our time there and we hope to visit again.

I just inserted the pictures into my blog. I inserted both the sunset and the sunset with the sailboat.

Get a glass of wine, sit back and picture yourself on the beach as you look at the pictures.



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