Week 3 Reflective Summary

It is hard to believe that Week 3 is finished. I feel I have completed the requirements of this week’s assignments with not as much frustration as in the past! I think I am starting to get the hang of this stuff. I responded to other Tweets this week – that was an accomplishment for me!!

The only trouble I had this week was annotating two of my colleagues’ story critiques. I did them but was a little lost. I wasn’t sure where to look for them – under the public, the class or our small groups. I am not sure why I let it be so time consuming this week. It was hard for me to find them on the Narrate Annotate section. So I went to the Tweet deck and scrolled down until I found some. This will be my new challenge this upcoming week to conquer. I am starting to enjoy the Daily Creates. I think since I am allowing myself to relax and realize I don’t have to be perfect, I am having fun with them. Even though it wasn’t my favorite thing, I did learn to use Vimeo to do my video assignment. I have one more software I can now use for any future things.

Surprisingly I don’t have any questions. I am starting to learn the process and am getting better about staying ahead of the game. I don’t think I would do anything differently this week. Since I am allowing myself some free reign I am not anxious about the assignments and getting them done in one night.

I currently do not have any issues surround my focal theme. I used my theme in two of my assignments this week – the video assignment and my story critique.

I think overall I am “meeting expectations” and am submitting quality work. I feel that I am meeting expectations by completing each assignment and taking more chances.  It was very helpful when you explained your grading system. I think that helped take some pressure off from me about all the assignments being PERFECT. I think letting go on some of my Type A personality is letting my creative juices flow. I allowed myself to fail and look funny on the video.

Looking froward to Week 4!


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