Take a lesson from Ferris Bueller! Design DS106 Assignment Bank

So Week 4 begins….

My current DS106 Assignment Bank Design:

The Design Assignment Bank I picked was the Favorite Movie Quote. My first choice was from “Independence Day” but it really didn’t go with my chosen storytelling theme, work-life balance. I have to admit, I thought about how to make it work for a few moments. But, went to a different movie.

What was the assignment – I know you are sitting on the edge of your seats…..

Choose one of your favorite movie quotes and insert the quote over an image from the movie you chose.

The movie I picked was “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” The reason why I picked this movie was because it had some aspects of work-life balance. Even though Ferris was just in high school, he had the just of work-life balance. Sometimes you have to take a day off and enjoy life. To me work-life balance is about learning to enjoy life while having responsibilities. Working is part of life, unless you are wealthy enough where you don’t need to work, so you can pay your bills. The secret is to remember there is more than to life than working for money. You have a life, family, friends, and must important, YOU. We get on this hamster wheel and forget about other things. We think  to ourselves, this isn’t the right time to take off of work, to go on that vacation, or to join your kid on a field trip. It probably will never be the perfect or right time to take time off of work because you can always come up with a good excuse. Sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and take the day off. Ferris reminds me that life is too short and we need to have some fun and enjoy life! Because if not, the next time you look it has been three years since your last vacation and your kids are in high school.

Another great thing about this assignment is I learned a new software. I used FotoFlexer to create my image. I found my image on the internet and saved it to my computer. I then uploaded the image onto the software. I clicked on the “decorate” tab to insert my text. I played around with the font and text style to produce the final product.

I am starting to relax about my creations and had fun with this assignment. I hope you enjoy the result –

Assignment Bank_Ferris



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