Can I Keep Him? Daily Create – Week 4

So Week 4 begins….

My current DS106 Daily Create…

The daily create was to come up with some type of caption for a specific picture.

What was the assignment –

What is the back story between the octopus and the person? Who is behind the glass? How did they get here? What happens next.

Help us understand what is happening. Cram it into a tweet or go the extra mile/kilometer and create the context around this moment.

So the back story with this picture is the diver likes animals. Bob and Adam are roommates and decide to have a relaxing day on the ocean. Bob doesn’t like to go in the water but enjoys time on a boat. Adam enjoys diving. Bob is on the look out for Adam to come back aboard ship when all of a sudden he sees Adam with an octopus sucked to his legs. Adam is telling Bob, he wants to keep the octopus as a new pet and name him “Frank.” Bob is saying, “Really” to Adam because their apartment isn’t big enough for Frank. What will they do with him and HOW will they get Frank back to the apartment? As the picture shows, the octopus likes Adam and doesn’t want to let him go. There was a connection a first site. Such a dilemma…what will happen????

I used FotoFlexer to create my image. I copied the image from the daily create site and saved it to my computer. I then uploaded the image onto the software. I clicked on the “decorate” tab to insert my text. I played around with the font and text style to produce the final product.

Then you have Adam’s new pet request picture –

Daily Create_Week 4


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