The Arena Bookmarklet – Week 4 Daily Create #2

My Daily Create # 2 for Week 4…

This assignment was to print out a YouTube video.

Ok. So printing out a YouTube video? Maybe not (yet?). But a nifty “bookmarklet” for your web browser can create a storyboard-ish collage-ey kind of thing which, we guess, you could print out. If you wanted. But this is the Daily Create. So, why not just share it online and save a few trees.

First, read more about the bookmarklet (and drag the bookmarklet to your tool bar).

Second, find a video. Probably, the stranger, the better. But you already knew that.

Finally, use the bookmarklet to reverse engineer the video and share it out as an image file.

This was a great assignment. I didn’t know you could do this type of thing. I really enjoy Lindsay Sterling’s music. She is such a talented young artist. The way she incorporates music, dance and storytelling is incredible. The fun thing about Lindsay’s music is when my son and I were sharing our favorite music one night, he showed me one of her videos before I mentioned her. It was so cool for us to have a common artist we both enjoy. It allowed us to talk about why we like her music and how music helps us cope with things going on in our lives. I love when something simple can turn into a great conversation between my son and I.

I was able to learn something new with this daily create too – bookmarklet. I dragged the bookmarklet to my tool bar. I picked a YouTube video to use. I clicked on the video and then clicked on the “Print YouTube Video” on my bookmark bar. It automatically creates the bookmakrlet. So cool!!!

The video was so long I couldn’t put all of it on my Tweet but I have included it below. I thought it was so cool I had to include all of it. It looks so interesting when you see the video in this way.

The Arena_1

The Arena_2

The Areana_3

I have also included the link to the video if you want to watch it. If you haven’t heard of Lindsay, please watch. I think she is incredibly talented. Love to hear what you think…

The Arena



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