Week 4 Story Critique – New Ideas for Work-Life Balance

For my Week 4 digital story critique I watched continue to review many videos and tried to find one that I enjoy and applies to my theme. This week I choose a portion of a video from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

This video is short but it resonates with my theme about work-life balance. There are two speakers who talk about how they set their boundaries. Sometimes your work-life balance may not seem “correct” to other people but I think it makes sense if it works for your life. If you want time to have dinner with your family but it means you work after your kids are in bed, then that is okay. Whatever you define as your work-life balance is the right boundaries. I have learned that it doesn’t matter what other people think, it is what feels right to me. I am the one that needs to decide what is MY work-life balance. It may not be the definition of someone else but that is okay. I am realizing that work-life balance is what I want define it to be and then it works. I have to remember that work-life balance is not someone else’s definition but what I define it.

I found the video story at YouTube and here is the link;  Work-life balance.

The assignment was to critique a digital story by selecting three traits from Jason Ohler’s assessment traits:Digital Critique. The three traits that I selected were: 1) Story, 2)Originality, voice, creativity, and 3)sense of audience. I decided to select these traits because I felt these were traits that invokes feelings for me.

Story: This story is taken from a Stanford School of Business. There are two people that discuss their stories about setting boundaries. The two people have found ways to provide work-life balance. They have two different views but it works for their lives. I think that is the most important thing to get out of this video. You need to find what makes sense to you and what you want as your boundaries. Once you decide what you want, then make it happen. Make the work-life balance plan that works best for you, the family, your life. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else.

Originality, voice, creativity: I thought this video was good. Both people were funny and engaging. The creativity might not be the best but then it was just a section of a video. I think it is helpful when you hear from real life people who are doing the work and not just a “consultant.” I think the two specific people were honest and you could tell my their voice and their demeanor.

Sense of Audience: The two speakers were sincere and telling true stories about their lives. It helps when the speakers are “real” and the audience can relate to what they are saying. I make up that the speakers were talking to other Students to help them make sense of their lives. Since they were similar people, it helps the audience to relate and take their advice to heart.

I felt that each of the traits I selected was successfully present and utilized adequately in the story. This story was compelling for me and made some important points. Since  this particular section was taken from a whole segment it is hard to understand what the video was about. I am sure if the video included the whole lecture it would make more sense. But the few minutes that was shown was important to me because of my desire for a better work-life balance. I think any advice or suggestion helps a person figure out their own work-life balance. There are many options and a person just needs to figure out what will work best for them to accomplish their goal of a better work-life balance.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and video …


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