Week 4 Reflection

Week 4 is done – halfway done with the class. This was a good week for me. I finished most of the assignments head of time and wasn’t frustrated.  I am beginning to feel good about my daily creates and assignment bank assignments. I am having fun with them and being silly. I think that is what is great about this class is that I can be funny and not so serious.

I didn’t have any trouble this week. I enjoyed learning new things like the bookmarklet. I didn’t know you could take a video and make strips from it. I started not liking all these daily create and video assignments but I enjoy learning new things. I feel good about myself that I have learned a new skill. I had fun with the assignments this week.

I don’t have any questions this week nor would I do anything differently. I planned ahead this week and did most of my assignments earlier in the week. I was able to make my comments from the readings early and then able to reply to classmates for discussions.

I continue not have any issues surround my focal theme. I used my theme in my story critique.

I think overall I am “meeting expectations” and am submitting quality work. I have been submitting my assignments on time and sometimes earlier than due. I am completing the assignments while having fun. I am learning new skills and the reading have been interesting. I am hoping to continue to stay ahead of the assignments and not waiting until the day they are due. This allows me not to get so frustrated when its a new software and allows me to be more creative because I have time and don’t feel rushed.

Looking froward to the next week.


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