Happy St. Halloween – Assignment Bank Mashup

My newest blog – the DS106 Assignment Bank Mashup.

The Assignment Bank  Mashup I picked was the holiday mashup. The assignment suggested I should explore my chosen storytelling theme. My theme is work-life balance and I have always made sure I was home early or took days off around certain holidays. I think holidays are an important time to make sure there is work-life balance. Holidays are a time for traditions and spending time together – doesn’t matter what holiday.

So what was the assignment you ask…..

We all have favorite holidays, but sometimes it’s hard to pick just one! For this assignment, use a photo editing software like Pixlr or Photoshop to mashup your top THREE favorite holidays/cultural celebrations. Use whatever elements you would like from each holiday, creating a character or scene with the images/symbols you’ve chosen. Tell the story behind this character or image!

So my favorite holidays are Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween. I always made sure my boundaries were solid when it came to certain holidays. I didn’t mind working the day after Thanksgiving if it meant I could have another holiday off. These were the top three I made sure I had plenty of time off. My holiday mashup is a snowman holding a pumpkin and a leprechaun. These represent my favorite holidays and time I spent with my two sons. My ex-husband wasn’t didn’t care about traditions but it was important to me.

Even though I grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas and we didn’t have any snow at Christmas time, I loved Frosty the Snowman. So the holiday animated movies were a great memory growing up. At Christmas time I made time to sit down and watch them with my sons as they grew up. The Polar Express is one they still remember. I guess maybe that is why Christmas was a special time for me because there was the chance of snow around the holiday and I could do something with my kids that I couldn’t do growing up.

Halloween was a fun time for me with the kids. I always dressed up every Halloween and took them to the Boo at the Zoo. My ex-husband never liked to walk around the neighborhood so it became a tradition for me to get off of work early, dress up and take them trick and treating through the neighborhood. Even though I hated being cold this was something important for me to do. It was some fun times and great laughs.

The other holiday is St. Patrick’s Day. My ex-husband and I are from Irish descent so this is an important holiday. I would get off of work early and take the boys to an Irish Pub to watch the bagpipes and Irish dancers.There was a group of us that would meet. It became a tradition every year and my youngest son couldn’t wait to go. Even when he was a teenager, he would always make sure we went to the Irish Pub. I am sure some people might not agree with me taking them to a Pub at early ages but it was an opportunity for them to see some Irish traditions.

To complete this assignment, I utilized Word and inserted the snowman picture first and then used the snipping tool to cut the pumpkin and the leprechaun. Then once I put them on the snowman’s hands, I used the snipping tool again and saved the picture. I am so proud of myself for feeling more comfortable with these types of assignments plus I am not taking so long to complete.

I am learning so much from the assignments while having fun. The assignments are fun but they are allowing me to think about what is important to me and why.

Enjoy –

Bank_holiday mashup


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