Week 5 Reflection

Hard to believe Week 5 is done. This was another good week for me. I continue to learn new things and the readings have been very informative.

I didn’t have any trouble this week. I completed the assignments by the deadline and in some cases finished earlier than the due date. I felt that I was engaged and submitting work that shows my learnings. I continue to try to do assignments outside my comfort zone. I am enjoying the Daily Creates more because I am not getting so frustrated. I am using these assignments as not something to dread but as an opportunity to learn something new.

I am learning new ideas during the class but have no questions this week. I wouldn’t do anything differently. I planned ahead this past week and had some discussion with the reading responses. I am feeling more comfortable with the assignments. I hope to keep planning ahead in regards to the assignments.

I continue not to have any issues surround my focal theme. I enjoy listening to different work-life balance videos to critique. Each video I watch I learn something new that I can embrace and use in my life. Not only does it help me but I hope the videos are helping others in the class.

I think overall I am “meeting expectations” and continue to submit quality work. I feel staying ahead of the assignment continue to eliminate any frustrations. My frustrations are becoming less as I start to feel more comfortable each week. I continue to learn something new every week. Plus the readings have been so informative and exposing me to new areas that I haven’t heard before now.

Looking forward to see what Week 5 is all about.


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