How a Relationship impacts your Work-Life Balance

My digital story is about Zeek Taylor and Dick Titus. My theme is work-life balance and I wanted to do something a little different this week. The story is about two gay men who had to hide their relationship for 13 years. They even went to the extreme of having two houses. I can’t imagine how this charade impacted their work-life balance.

Watch the video: Zeek and Dick

The type of involvement I saw in this video was being directed to social culture. The social acceptance of gay relationships in the work place and in society. Dick used a pseudo name at work, “Oscar,” so when they heard that name, Zeek knew to act like he didn’t know Dick. They owned two houses, one for both of them and one for “show” when people from Dick’s work wanted to come over. I can’t imagine how much stress this put on both Dick and Zeek, their relationship, and their lives at work. I think this story speaks to many people in the audience. How can a person have a work-life balance when you are always on edge and pretending. You can’t slip during a work conversation about your personal life and then try to find balance at home with the over the shoulder glances. They both accepted their reality and loved each other to carry this secret relationship until they could be free.

I think the literacy dimension identified in this video was the message that appeals to many others.There were and probably still are many couples who went through the same stress over their relationships. The audience can relate to the presenter and his story. The hardships, lies, and shame that many gay couples have to endure. This story resonated with me because I had to keep my relationship with my current boyfriend a secret because at the time we worked at the same organization. It causes so much stress and you don’t have a work-life balance when you are always worried someone will “find out.” Even though this video is only three minutes, I think the literacy dimension of their message is heard. In the short amount of time, I feel I could hear the heartache and struggles they had to endure for 13 years. Plus I heard the sincerity of respect and devotion for each other. Dick having Zeek’s support helped him through the years to try to have a work-life balance. Zeek understood and accepted the life because that what it took for them to be together.

I found this video on the website. This story has can be heard/seen from that site and others looking for stories about LGBT couples. These spaces and sites matter because it is the interest of others that gives impact to this story. This story can resonate with LGBT and straight couples. The idea of having to keep your relationship a secret and the efforts to keep that secret hidden is not an usual idea. There are many couples who go through this agony everyday. The work-life balance suffers because of having to live two lives.

My assessment of the video doesn’t have many modifications or changes. One change I would make is the ability to see the two of them as you hear their story. The ability to see both of them while they were talking would enhance the story and the emotional part of the story. I feel I was still engaged even though I didn’t see them live but it would have improved the aspect of the narration.



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