Week 6 Reflection

Week 6 was another good week for me. During the week I learned new things and I enjoyed the readings.

I feel like I am getting in my groove with the Daily Creates and the Assignment Bank assignments.. I completed each assignments by the deadline and in some cases finished earlier than the due date. I try to pick and complete assignments outside my comfort zone. As Lisa noted in her Narrate Annotate story about finding your voice in your blogs. I am starting to feel more comfortable about my blogs. For a few weeks I was nervous about my blogs because I didn’t know if people wouldn’t like my blogs or think that were stupid. I am feeling better about my blogs and just writing what I think and my thoughts.

I  continue to learn new concepts during the class but have no specific questions this week. I don’t think I would do anything differently. I have found my grove about planning ahead and able to make responses to the readings throughout the week.

I tried to do a different view of work-life balance for my digital story critique. Instead of a video explaining how to achieve work-life balance, I showed how a personal relationship can also affect your work-life balance. My hope was to have people see how many moving parts can effect a work-life balance.

Overall I feel I continue to “meet expectations” and submit quality work. I think it is so great that I each week I learn some new software/program and the readings continue to expose me to new views.

Excited about what Week 7 has in store.


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