Work-Life Balance Wordle – Week 7

For this week’s DS106 Assignment Bank I chose a visual assignment I could relate to my chosen storytelling theme, work-life balance. The visual assignment was titled: Word Cloud.

Use a site like or similar to create a word cloud. Make your chosen text meaningful to you. Choose a font and color scheme that reflects the emotion behind your choice of words. Take a screenshot, and upload it to your blog.

This was a chance for me to do something different. It was difficult for me to pick an assignment that I felt would work with my theme. So when I saw this assignment, it just clicked with me and I stopped looking.

I chose words that I associated with work-life balance. I included words about my family and my work life. I asked my son, Ryan, what words I was missing and he suggested some words for me. I wanted to include his words because I valued his opinion about what work-life balance means to him. I have worked full-time and gone to school at night, so he has observed me trying to achieve work-life balance for many years.


In order to create the word cloud I first went to I am not sure if it was my computer or what, but it wouldn’t work. So I went to WordCloud for Kids. I think it is a children’s site but it worked. I just typed the words that I thought applied into the box. After hitting the arrow it produced a randomly generated word cloud of the words I listed.So then I played with the font and color scheme to find the right balance.

Overall, I really enjoyed this assignment partly because it gave me the chance to pick words I felt is important about work-life balance.




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