ReThinking Work-Life Balance

For this week’s Digital Storytelling critique I chose a different type of video that could relate to my chosen storytelling theme about work-life balance. Similarly to last week I wanted to do something different with my video storytelling. This video is actually a video directed at lawyers but I think it still has the main ideas for everyone around work-life balance. This is a quaint visual imaging video about work-life balance.

Watch the video: Rethinking Work-Life Balance

The type of involvement I saw in this video was being directed to social culture. The social acceptance of what the general definition of work -life balance in today’s society. Current society assumes that work & life are separate and work/life balance means 50/50. Sometimes creating this illusion can cause more harm than good. As noted in the video, work is a part of life and work is a component of life. The one thing I enjoyed was how he pointed out that sometimes this work-life balance makes assumptions that work is bad and life is good. But we need to find some type of joy at work or we will become resentful and burn out. If a person is unhappy at work, this will cause your work-life balance to suffer.

I think the literacy dimension identified in this video was the message that appeals to anyone watching this video. The audience can relate to the presenter and what he is trying to explain.Sometimes you can’t balance work and life equally. But that is okay – because each person needs to figure out what makes their work-life balanced. If someone wants to spend more time around work than life, than he/she isn’t wrong. Sometimes I think society puts this additional pressure that we need to make work-life 50/50, and if we decide to put more efforts into one over the other society seems to shame us.

I found this video on the YouTube. This story can be heard/seen from anyone who is looking for work-life balance videos. The idea that 50% is work and 50% is everything else in life is a hard idea to conceptualize. I liked how the video notes that sometimes trying to obtain that 50/50 balance could cause you to be neglecting some other stuff. One of the messages I am going to apply to my life is, “The trick is to find balance among ALL the important stuff in my life,”

My assessment of the video doesn’t have many modifications or changes. I would have liked it not to been so focused on the career lawyer, but I think the message can still be applied to any chosen career. The video kept me engaged throughout. I enjoyed listening to the message and seeing what would be drawn to help coordinate the two. I thought the video was interesting and different. The takeaway message for me is to apply the right amount of work-life balance that works for me and all the important things in my life.

I hope you enjoy the video…



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