Week 7 Reflective Summary

Hard to believe we are at the end of Week 7.

This was a rough week for me and my sons. My work-life balance was put to a test…. My ex-husband was in an accident and had to have surgery this week, a huge deadline at work, and our dog of 14 years had to be put down (cancer).

I started off the week great and getting things done. But then I had issues with Twitter this week. I would tweet my assignments and then the next day when I went to review things, my tweets were not there. I could see that I had tweeted them but they were somehow off my Tweetdeck under the #DS106 and #ILT5340. So I spent many hours and days re-tweeting and trying to figure out what was the issue. I still haven’t figured it out what I dd wrong or why they would disappear. So frustrating because I completed each assignments by the deadline and in some cases finished earlier than the due date but we not seen on Twitter as part of the assignment.

I tried a different view of work-life balance for my digital story critique. Instead of a video explaining how to achieve work-life balance, I showed this visual image video about rethinking work-life balance. I felt it has some good points and a different way of looking at work-life balance.

Overall I felt I “meet expectations” and submitted quality work. I don’t think I went above and beyond. I am just not good at social media. I do read people’s Tweets everyday but I am not good at responding to them. I enjoyed the readings this week.

I am nervous about the final portfolio due next week. I am glad there are examples to help me not be so anxious.


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